Community Impact

“Artistic expression is at the center of community life and our identity.  Our unique arts process in America allows people from different backgrounds to communicate, to find common ground and to share experiences, ideas and talents.  Art transports our values and our heritage from generation to generation.  It taps our inner resources and makes us a creative people.  Besides anchoring communities, growing the economy and increasing jobs, the arts give communities a sense of shared pride and design that affects how we live and a way to communicate across cultural boundaries.  Investing in the arts is investing in people.”
Bill Ivey –  Chairman, National Endowment for the Arts, 1998-2001

Beyond the economic effects of the proposed vision, PPAC Inc. anticipates a wide array of positive cultural and community impacts as well. The following are just a few of the expected outcomes...

Impact on Youth

 Students performing in SEUSSICAL at The Palace

Students performing in SEUSSICAL at The Palace

A major component of the proposed vision for the Palace is the addition of a number of classroom and studio spaces to support arts education activities. Historically, PPAC welcomes thousands of students to free school-time shows each year. However, there is much potential in terms of how a fully-realized performing arts center could meet a growing demand for youth arts education.

PPAC now hosts classes in partnership with Albany's Park Playhouse across all areas of theatrical performance, including dance, acting, voice lessons and a free urban arts series. Additional spaces developed for arts education would allow use to expand these offerings greatly, including meaningful partnerships with local schools. This will create a positive impact on the lives of thousands of Capital Region students and families for years to come.

Impact on Local Arts Community

Palace Performing Arts Center, Inc. has taken a leadership role in the Capital City's arts community over the last five years. PPAC has made promoting local producers of art a priority, and has made a significant impact on many non-profit arts organizations and community groups who make use of the Palace Theatre.

Most notably, PPAC maintains shared services agreements with both Park Playhouse, Inc. and the Grammy Award-winning Albany Symphony Orchestra. Through these agreements, the Playhouse & Symphony are able to afford additional staff, services and space they would not otherwise enjoy. These agreements have made these two vital local arts organizations more sustainable and successful.

Impact on Regional Jobs

Both during construction, and following its completion, PPAC's proposed vision for the Palace is sure to create numerous opportunities for job growth in Albany. Our organization is committed to working with city leadership and community outreach organizations to ensure that a significant percentage of these jobs are filled by Albany residents, particularly residents of the surrounding North Albany, Arbor Hill and downtown neighborhoods. 

Spaces added for education and community events will provide an environment where local residents can be trained for these jobs in community service, front of house operations and theatre technology. PPAC understands and embraces the important responsibility to impact our local residents, and looks forward to making Albany's citizens part of the team as this proposed vision comes to life.